OK.  So I am starting on my first resolution for 2012–that is, to do a bit more blogging and update my Saint Movie recommendations monthly.  The movies are good for family viewing and can be used as part of the homeschooling curriculum.

In 2008, I could only find a couple of saint movies for the month of January.  To the movies about St. John Bosco is now to be added The Dreams of Don Bosco featuring Doug Barry of Radix fame.   The feast of St. John Bosco is January 31.  Be sure to invoke his intercession for editors and those who work with young boys on this day.

The feast of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton is on January 4.  A recent movie called Time for Miracles tells the story of a wealthy American woman who was reduced to poverty when her husband died of tuberculosis in 1803.  She converted to Catholicism and shocked her society friends as well as her family by doing so.   Nevertheless, she forged ahead and founded the American Sisters of Charity, the first American parochial school and left a legacy of hospitals and orphanages, as well as over 20 communities of nuns around the country.  This “can-do” woman is a model for all Catholic women, as she shows us what can be done, no matter what the odds are against us.  St. Elizabeth Ann Seton is the patroness of many causes:  against problems with in-laws, against the death of children and parents, for people ridiculed for their piety, and for widows.   She is a good advocate for teachers and homeschool parents because she was so dedicated to the education of children.  

Following the feast of St. Elizabeth Seton is, of course, the Feast of the Epiphany when we commemorate the visit of the three wise men to the Christ Child.   The Fourth Wise Man, while not one of the three, represents all of us and our journey to the Christ Child, no matter how long it takes.