There are four feasts for which I could find movies in February–Our Lady of Lourdes, St. Valentine, St. Bernadette and St. Josephine Bakhita.  The story of Our Lady of Lourdes (feast February 11)  is told in two documentary DVDs titled Woman Clothed with the Sun:  Zaragosa, Guadalupe and Lourdes and The Miracles of Lourdes.  A recent film,  Lourdes – A Study of Faith, Science and Miracles is an intriguing story of a non-believing journalist whose research leads him to a bit of his own family history and whose own life is affected by what he uncovers.   The feast of St. Bernadette is on February 18, so you might want to check out Bernadette or the old favorite The Song of Bernadette, which has been reformatted for widescreen.  A new film about Bernadette is called Bernadette of Lourdes, which is especially appealing to children because all the actors are children and young adults.  One story told, particularly for children is Bernadette – The Princess of Lourdes, the ever-popular animated version which is engaging to the very young.   But what of Bernadette after the visions ended?  You will find The Passion of Bernadette fascinating as you follow her beyond the grotto of Lourdes.

A relatively unknown saint is Josephine Bakhita, the first saint from Sudan whose feast is February 8.  Her story is compelling and is relevant today because the suffering in Sudan continues.    Her story is told in a newer film called Bakhita:  From Slave to Saint.    Though the movie is in Italian with English subtitles, you will be drawn in to this beautiful story.    Bakhita  found her sanctification through the trials she endured and is an inspiration for all of us.

Of course, the saint everybody celebrates but few know why, is St. Valentine, whose feast is February 14.  Learn the true story of this in third-century martyr in the film, The First Valentine.

Films are a great way to bring to life those people who have lived lives of heroic virtue and fidelity.  Why not plan a family film night and get to know one of the many saints of the Church whose feast is celebrated this month?  You won’t be disappointed.