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Over the lovely “Camino de Santiago”, the Way of St. James, which is the ancient route leading from the Pyrenees to the famous and ancient shrine of Santiago de Compostela, this documentary followsthe journey of several pilgrims who differ in culture and religious faith, united only by a …

Informative but a bit too secular

By Fran from Colorado Springs on 2/18/2012
3out of 5

Pros: Spanish Landscape, Camino hints, Spanish Churches

DVD, English subtitles
English commentary

For anybody even considering doing the Camino de Santiago, this DVD gives you a good idea about the landscape and towns you will encounter. It convinced me that I can do at least part of the pilgrimage because not all of Spain is in the mountains. It provided interesting information about the origins of the camino as well as the meaning of the name Santiago de Compostela.

However, I was hoping to hear more about the spiritual aspects of this pilgrimage. Most of the people interviewed were doing the camino for secular reasons such as meeting a new challenge, getting away, etc. Since the camino at its heart is a spiritual pilgrimage, I was put off by the lack of emphasis on that aspect.

Also, the commentator said more than once something about the “worship of St. James.” NO, NO, NO! Catholics do not make the pilgrimage to worship the remains of St. James. Venerate, yes, but worship, definitely not.

While the commentary was in English, all of the interviews had subtitles because they were not dubbed. I am getting tired of having to read DVDs!