In 2013, the author was vacationing with her husband in Alaska when the worst fire in Colorado history incinerated their home and all of their possessions.


Five years later, she has completed Rising from the Ashes which chronicles their recovery and also gives many helpful suggestions for others going through a similar experience.  She believes that you can suffer a disaster of this magnitude, work your way through the grief and move forward to restore your life.  On the way, you can discover strengths and abilities you may not have known you had, and you can enjoy what lies ahead.


Fran Rutherford has been married to her husband Larry for 48 years, is the mother of five children and grandmother of 17.  The daughter of a National Park Service employee, she was fortunate to live in some of the Nation’s most beautiful places, particularly Yellowstone National Park.  After marrying, she and her husband lived in many Air Force locations in the US as well as in Germany and England.  She has written study guides for students and teachers of Classical history and literature and enjoys spending time with family, traveling reading and hiking.


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