Are you ready for Lent? Friday, Feb 25 2011 

I was just telling my husband that I am going to become a souper Lenten cook this year, when voilà,  this article came across my email.  I am determined to do better with cooking more soups, and this is a great start for the upcoming season of fast, abstinence and penitence.  Only these soups don’t seem too penitential….

If you try any of them, let me know what you think.  Remember, Lent starts in just a few days with Ash Wednesday on March 9.



What is Catholic culture? Wednesday, Sep 29 2010 

There is a lot of talk about reviving Catholic culture.  But what is Catholic culture?  We can’t even define it any more because it has been lost to the last couple of generations.  This new series is worth watching.

Raising the hearts, minds and souls of those who behold art to God.

Laetare Sunday Monday, Mar 15 2010 

I just heard a discussion about whether or not Father’s vestments yesterday were pink, magenta or rose.  That discussion is held every year as Father Whoever, maybe a bit self-consciously,  proclaims the joy of Laetare Sunday and then proceeds to explain that he really isn’t wearing pink.  Unless a concerted effort is made by the priest to explain what laetare means,  the name of the Sunday is lost on 90% of the pew-sitters.  I just read an informative and funny post about the significance of this Sunday in Lent and invite you to read it too.

Receiving Communion from the Pope Monday, Mar 1 2010 

This isn’t new but people are still incredulous.  Raymond gives a good explanation.