Buying local Sunday, Dec 18 2011 

I have made a commitment to buying local whenever I can and to supporting American business whenever possible.  I try to avoid buying Chinese, though I often fall short because I can’t find American or European made products.  So much of what is in the stores is produced in countries which are theoretically enemies of America.

Recently I have had two experiences which have backfired.   I found an alternative American source for a product we sell to replace an item that we discovered was being made in China.  We contracted for the product to be made with our company logo and felt good about “buying American.”   We told the manufacturer that he was chosen because he is American and we wanted to support American business.  And then the products came–many of them were defective.  He gave us all kinds of excuses and said that the defects are not serious enough to do them over.    He also told me that we are the only customers who have ever complained about the quality.  They were, in fact so bad that we couldn’t sell many of them.  His attitude was just plain awful and the fact that we chose him because his business is American didn’t faze him.  In fact he got just plain rude when I told him the quality was inferior to the Chinese ones we were replacing.   We won’t be doing business with him anymore.

The second instance was with a local business.  I mean real local.  I live in the country and chose a jeweler who is nearby to fix a ring.  The fix didn’t last so I returned the ring to the jeweler.  When I went to pick it up, she tried to charge me again for the repair.  I told her that I wasn’t expecting to have to pay again for a repair that had just been done in her establishment, and her response as she waved the back of her hand at me was “OK, just take it.”   I can’t put her tone of voice in writing, but trust me, it wasn’t friendly.  I won’t be doing business with her again.

Is business so good that small companies as well as American manufacturers can treat their customers so poorly?  Or is this part of the loss of civility we are all experiencing in today’s post-modern America?  I am puzzled by it.

I will continue to buy local and American when I can, but I won’t support businesses that treat customers with contempt.  Those enterprises deserve to fail.  After all, who provides their paychecks but their customers?


Feminism’s Folly Tuesday, Oct 19 2010 

This is a must read.  Rebecca Walker, daughter of Alice Walker of The Color Purple book, exposes what life was like with a feminazi mother.  It will curl your hair to realize just how radical and anti-family the feminist movement really is.  We can only hope that reason will prevail and women will once again realize what a gift motherhood truly is and how important good mothering is to the entire society.

Please support our soldiers with your love and prayers Thursday, Mar 19 2009 

Archbishop Chaput on Nancy Pelosi Thursday, Feb 19 2009

What the heck is CPSIA? Monday, Jan 19 2009 

CPSIA is very bad law, and it is going to affect you and everybody you know come February 10.  It is a gross example of laws being created in the heat of a crisis without consideration of the consequences.

In effect, millions of small businesses could be put out of business overnight.  This law requires anybody who sells anything for children to have every lot certified “safe” by a testing lab.  (Wonder how big a payoff was made to the drafters of this legislation by testing labs!)   It is retroactive and includes all products for children.   This is a result of the toxic garbage we import from China, but now our people will be punished.   And we thought we were being responsible by limiting what we buy from China.  Think about it.  Every badge, pinewood derby car, pin, uniform item, etc at your local boy scout office will have to be tossed unless they can provide a certificate proving each item is safe.  Multiply this by millions of stores and organizations, crafters, etc.  that sell items for children and don’t have “safe” certificates.  Will the environmentalists scream bloody murder at the sight of millions of tons of goods being tossed into the landfills?  Will anybody scream bloody murder at the sight of millions of people going bankrupt? 

Does this law make sense?  Please contact your congressmen and senators and let them know what you think about CPSIA.  But time is of the essence–it goes into effect less than 4 weeks from now.  The CPSIA information hotline is not operational yet.  I wonder why?

Culture of Life vs Culture of Death, plain and simple Thursday, Oct 23 2008 

Karen at the Dog and Duck Yard posted this, and I want as many people as possible to see it before the election.  Please pass it on to everybody you know.  Thanks, Karen.

History matters Sunday, Oct 19 2008 

Homeschooling gives you the opportunity to train your children in civic responsibility and action that makes sense.  It goes beyond teaching them to recycle and save the planet, and even affords you the opportunity to ask the question “save the planet from what or whom?”

Another thing that homeschooling provides is a context for thinking.  If you follow a good plan, the Classics for instance, you introduce your children to the great thinkers of Western Civilization, from Moses to Chesterton.  By studying their ideas, you help your children to understand why we believe and behave as we do.  You help them to understand the background of our government and the teachings of the Church, especially those regarding life.   You help them to see that most of our ideas are not new; rather they are rooted in the prayerful consideration of the meaning of life which has gone on for thousands of years.

In 2008,  Archbishop Chaput spoke to the ENDOW conference in Denver.  The title of his talk was “The Homicides involved in Abortion are ‘Little Murders.'”  The good Archbishop has a clear view of history and an understanding that history has a way of repeating itself.  Please take time to read his address to the conference, and you might want to look up some of those people he mentions along the way if you haven’t had the benefit of a classical education.  It is never too late to begin…


Hooray for the Texas Bishops Friday, Oct 17 2008 

Finally, an unequivocal statement about this election from our hierarchy.  Thank you Bishop Kevin Farrell of Dallas and Bishop Kevin Vann of Fort Worth.  Makes me thankful to have a son at the University of Dallas.

Read about their straightforward teaching here.