Hazards of Sugar Saturday, Jan 30 2010 

This is a 9 part series on you tube which you might find interesting.


Welcome Anglican Catholics Tuesday, Oct 20 2009 

The way has been paved for many Anglicans around the world to enter into Communion with the Roman Catholic Church.  The Anglican Church in recent years has abandoned its traditions and ordained gays and women, as well as embraced liberal theology across the board.  But many hundreds of thousands of Anglicans have not gone along and have sought communion with Rome.  Here is a short explanation of how it will work.



Christ’s wish was that all may be one.  This is a huge step in that direction.  Let us continue to pray ut unum sint.

Taking life as it comes Wednesday, Nov 28 2007 

Today I began water therapy for a chronic condition.  I have been in a poor me mode since being told I have to do this.  I have never liked to swim, and in fact only learned enough in college to pass the minimum requirement.  Earlier this year I threw away my swimsuit, thinking I would never need it again.  That is probably just as well, because I bought it over 20 years ago!

As I was talking to God about this, with my “why me” whines, I came to realize just how blessed I am to be able to do this.  I am blessed to have a place to go, a doctor who cares enough to encourage me to take better care of myself, and the means to do what I need to do. 

And, guess what?  It wasn’t so bad.  The instructor was very nice and the other attendees were friendly and welcoming.  The facility is new and clean, and the only thing I have to overcome is my own inertia.

So soon after Thanksgiving I had forgotten to “give thanks in all things.”  Well–I had my reality check today and hope I will thank God everytime I get up at O’Dark 30 to go to the Y.