Spring in Colorado Monday, Mar 29 2010 

These are a few shots of the area around our home in March.  Springtime in the Rockies is lovely–70 degrees one day, 24 degrees and 8 inches of snow the next.  These snows produce a lot of moisture, unlike the winter snows.


It’s Miller Time! Thursday, May 28 2009 

Miller time

May–ya gotta love it.  Lengthened days, a few actually warm enough to eat outside, a good steak on the grill, a Miller beer in hand.  You get the picture.  But you’re wrong….




Miller Time in Black Forest means miller time.  miller

The millers are awful this year, and with our unsealed construction project, they are even worse.  Last night, about midnight, I went into the bathroom where the only light (a nightlight) in the house was on.  My movement caused a swarm of millers around me–in my hair, in my face, and all around the room.  It was like a nightmare out of a Hitchcock film. 

Years ago I learned to set miller traps–sudsy water in a cup or bowl around a light.   This was the catch around midnight–close to the same number had been caught earlier in the evening.

Warning, the following picture may not be suitable for squeamish eyes.



One night's catch

Petition to my dear readers: 

 Please don’t report me to the SPCA. 


PS.  I thought the night before had been bad, but when I went into the kitchen last night, I counted about 50 moths on the ceiling.  So with my trap set, I prepared for the night.  In this pot are about 40 of the precious things.  Yikes!HPIM2599

I have become obsessed with drowning every one of them in my house.  Who knows how many are lurking in the shadows yet…

Garden Party Sunday, May 3 2009 

If you are ever invited to a garden party at our house, don’t come in a dress with a pretty bonnet.  Instead, put on your jeans, get a sun hat and bring a rake!  Here are some shots of our garden party, Black Forst style.  Everybody participated, down to the four-year-old.


First, we fortified them with cinnamon rolls and sunscreen


The man with the plan gave instructions…


Most of the strawberries were dug up to make space for other plants


Even the youngest found a job


Andrew dug weeds


The plastic had to be removed from the walls


Thomas watched patiently


Ahh! Nice and clean


Meanwhile, the guys did the heavy work of putting up a chain link fence


 The fence was heavy, but somebody had to hold it up


Preparing for the additional fencing to fool the deer


Maria was just happy to be outside


It was a productive day which was topped off with hamburgers on the grill, a hail storm and peach cobbler–in that order!

God is good!

No Larry, you can’t plant the garden yet! Monday, Apr 27 2009 

The plants and seeds have arrived and the calendar says it is spring.  Better wait awhile longer!


View of the corral


View from the back


View of the garden


Snow makes everything beautiful


Except the construction


Christ is Risen! Sunday, Apr 12 2009 

The vigil and Mass of the Resurrection were absolutely beautiful.  Our drive was a bit foggy, but the weather was perfect for the lighting of the Easter fire.  As we processed from the cold outside to the church, we could gradually feel the warmth of the little candles all the people were holding.  As the priest sang the Exultet, you just new this was something special.  Then there were the lessons from the Old Testament, the blessing of the Easter water, then the renewal of our Baptismal vows.  After the Litany of the Saints, Mass began.  Three hours from the start, we were on our way home in the fog.

This morning at 7, there was just a bit of hoar frost from the fog of the night before.  And then it began.  Within 4 hours we had four inches of snow–very heavy wet snow.  But hey, isn’t white the Easter color?

A few pictures:








Lamb Butter






Magdalene Icon written by Rebekah


Me in the outfit we bought for my mother for Ashley’s wedding.


This is what you call a friend.  He drove his tractor from home to come help Larry clear the driveway for our Easter guests.  Thanks, Byron.

The blizzard of 2009 Sunday, Apr 5 2009 

This is the blizzard that was, the storm that wasn’t.  I have figured out that the weathermen are paid extra to distract us from what is going on in Washington by hyping the weather to keep us tuned in.  On and off this year we have been told that “the big one” is coming, bringing with it “up to 18 inches of snow.” 

Well, I have learned that a blizzard is defined by the wind and blowing snow, and we have had that, but nowhere have 18 inches of snow fallen except in the mountains.  As a matter of fact, IF we have gotten 5 inches, I will be surprised.  What has managed to fall out of the sky has quickly been blown to Kansas.   Yesterday the wind was positively unrelenting.

Some photos:


In our storm of 1997, there was a 9-foot drift in front of the barn!  This blizzard didn’t create enough snow for a 2-foot drift.


There was snow in the air all day, but it was just being moved from one spot to the other by the wind


In spite of the wind and cold temperatures, the birds managed to empty the birdfeeders


The wind managed to do some decorating for us.  Don’t you think the garbage can in the front yard is a nice touch?





The early morning sun sent it rays through the trees with the promise of a brighter day. 

Spring in Colorado.  You gotta love it!