Rising From The Ashes is hot off the presses!

The book is available as of today, July 14, 2018.  It is my hope that if you have recently suffered a loss of your home you will find help from our experience and will bounce back quickly.   That will take effort and the will to move forward.

But the book isn’t solely for those who have lost their homes.  It is for all homeowners because it has many suggestions of what to do before disaster strikes.  We tend to think we are exempt from the workings of nature, that somehow, we will escape her wrath.  However, recent history shows that thousands are affected every year by fire, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes, and summer tends to be when most of these things happen.   The time to be prepared is now!

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Overcoming glitches

I think I am becoming obsessive about this book.  I want it to be perfect, but alas, I know it won’t be.  Perfection is never ours to achieve.  Each time I re-read it I see something that could be better, but I decided today, that has to stop.  So I have submitted the final draft and am waiting for approval.

I pray that in some small way this book will be a help to those people who experience such a loss.  It is such a tough thing to deal with.  Which reminds me….I need to pray for all people out there who will lose their homes this summer due to fire, hurricane, tornado, earthquake or flood.  Won’t you join me?

Why the book?

Rising from the Ashes is a book for all homeowners.  We lost everything we owned in a fire and while we were recovering, we discovered many things we could have done in advance which would have helped our recovery go more smoothly.

It is hoped that homeowners who endure a loss of real property will find clear guidance in your own reconstruction.  We are almost 5 years post-fire, and our reconstruction is complete.  On the way, we learned a lot by trial and error.  Hopefully, this handbook will help you avoid some of the pitfalls and enable you to get on with your recovery with confidence.

In this book you will learn:

  • Some of the SECRETS your insurance company might not tell you
  • Things you may not have thought of to include in your HOME INVENTORY
  • The critical documents to preserve BEFORE disaster strikes
  • ESSENTIAL extras you should have in your homeowner’s insurance policy
  • The ONE descriptive word that, left out, could make your piano worth less than your child’s stuffed toy
  • The most important thing NOT to do with the payoff from your insurance company
  • The TWO most important phone calls to make within hours of your loss
  • The SIMPLEST way to notify family and friends of your needs
  • Strategies for MAXIMIZING the value of your possessions

I’m happy to help you navigate this process in any way I can.  If you have any questions, please contact me at this blog.




Rising from the Ashes

It is almost five years since the Black Forest Fire robbed us of our home and all of our possessions except for one car and the clothes we had in a suitcase.  It has been quite a journey and I decided to record a few thoughts about the experience.

We were aboard a lovely ship on the trip of our dreams to Alaska when on our third day out we happened to see a news flash on Fox News about a fire in Black Forest, Colorado.  The news reporter said it was just 15 acres and was near Highway 83.  We comforted ourselves by thinking 15 acres wasn’t much, and besides it was six miles away from our home.  The next day we learned the true extent of the fire which by then had claimed our home and all but one of the homes in our section of the Black Forest.  We didn’t leave the cruise because we learned that the fire was still burning and nobody was being allowed in.  The prediction was that it would be several days before we would be able to survey the damage, so we might as well stay put and begin our recovery.

Using a small netbook computer, we began creating lists of everything we could think of:  contents, documents, immediate needs, people to call, businessmen to contact, etc.  We created a file for each room of the house and began listing everything we had in that room, drawer by drawer and shelf by shelf.  It was a daunting task, but one we knew we would have to do for the insurance company.  Little did we know how involved the final listing was going to be, but this helped us tremendously because things were still fresh in our minds.

We arrived home on June 17 and the forest had still not been opened up for people to enter.  But on the 18th, residents were given three hours between 6 and 9 pm to go in and survey the damage.  Rebekah came in from New Mexico and Ian, Paula, James and Breanne accompanied us in for that first look.



Restoring our lives took awhile and  I am only just getting back to this blog.  The focus is changing from homeschooling, which I am no longer doing because my peeps have all graduated, to dealing with the disaster of the fire and what we did to recover.

My book, Rising from the Ashes will be out soon.  Please feel free to contact me through this blog with any comments or questions.